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Forum News & Announcements / Re: How To Link And Post Pictures
« on: March 20, 2017, 11:17:44 pm »
Thanks very much for doing this Pascal, it's hard to grasp for some like me first few times but once you get the hang it's a breeze. Maybe get a fellow PCI member who lives close to show you if you get stuck, or bring your device to a meet/event.

I use Google photos ( formerly Picassa I think ). One important thing there is to make the photo " share with public".

Thanks again.

We met up today and tried to come up with some answers to your posts on the AGM thread. You'll be glad to hear I think the two lads , Pascal and Anzdrzej have cracked it.

- We've a back log of about 20 Paypals to process, I kept these open this week so they could see them.  So be patient for a while please.

- There is a need to have EVERYBODY accept the indemnity and rules, today's meeting seemed to suggest we can do this without you needing to actually sign and scan/post it. Our plan is to include a dialog box which by clicking on when paying by PapPal means you also accept out rules and indemnity.

- The reason you need to tick the Imdemnity/Rules box is that we the committee are unpaid volunteers, we do not operate as a limited company so have little protection in law and are exposing ourselves to risk.

- Another reason is that we need a VALID and UP TO DATE email address so we can communicate with you. Without this you may be in the dark and not hear about events, visits, outings and drives. You would be surprised about the number of people who do not send us full details. It makes out job difficult or impossible.

- We like to know what your current Porsche is, it's a requirement to own or have the beneficial use of one to be a Full Member so let us know of changes. We're fairly relaxed on this, if you're between Porsche's we'll allow you to keep on your Full Membership to the end of the year.

FInally, if you're one of the twenty or so who have already paid by PayPal either scan and send us the indemnity form or next time you attend an event ask us for one and do it on the spot ( or help us by printing it off and bringing it along completed).

There are between 6-8 Committee Meetings per year. Next one should be circa last Saturday in January. If you want the committee to listen to a point you have let us know , ie before 27th Jan 2017 for the next meeting.

The list of 2017 Committee Members is on the Club Website, fell free to contact any of us at any time.

And if you have a skill that would be of benefit to the club and fellow members , and want to help out then let us know. There are many ways of being involved outside the committee.


Forum Rules / Going Off Topic OT
« on: September 08, 2015, 01:24:35 pm »
Please keep to the topic being discussed and don't wander OT. This especially applies for techicnal or restoration topics, or notices re events. If you want to say something OT open another thread. We accept an amount of witty banter but it can grate sometimes.

Enjoy the forum !


Forum News & Announcements / Re: Tapatalk enabled
« on: November 19, 2013, 04:32:41 pm »
Thanks Alan for looking after our interests, what's Tapatalk ?

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